Quotes and Reviews

“this is rather tasty”

Neil Graves (station owner) – love soul radio london

“Congrats on the new music-it’s very heartfelt…I love it!”

 Alisa Clancy – KCSM Radio Station


“Such an inspiring album, your mother is totally your muse, with Miles up there and maybe Keyon Herald.Your vocals and compositions are chilling, all outstanding.”

Suzanne Hillary – WACBIZ


“Congrats on new album  very honest , heartfelt music making .”

Bradley Stone – Producer – Programmer and Host for  radio show “The Creative Source.”


“Love the new CD”

Frank Malfitano – Jazz Festival Promoter


Chris Spector / Midwest Record


REBECCA COUPE FRANKS/Every Little Thing Counts:  The singing trumpeter wrote this set as therapy to deal with her mother’s passing and you certainly wouldn’t know it.  There might be hidden messages in the lyrics that pings thoughts within her but they won’t be igniting on you.  A funky, jazzy date that that has a lot of positive energy in the grooves, even obvious tribute tracks have universal appeal.  Well done stuff that freely colors outside the lines but makes a fine picture when all is said and done.